Dodge Charger Price in Pakistan 2023

Dodge Charger 2023 Price in Pakistan. The only V-8-powered sedan with a starting price under $40,000 is the 2022 Dodge Charger. Although the Chrysler 300 also has a V-8 and a rear-wheel-drive configuration, it is prettier and more expensive. The Charger rides too stiffly and has a dubious interior, and its ride quality is even worse when equipped with the optional 20-inch wheels.

It features a base V-6 and optional all-wheel drive, just like the Dodge Challenger coupe. However, the loudest Hemi V-8, whether it’s a 370-horsepower 5.7-liter or a 485-horsepower 6.4-liter, is found in the most exciting Charger. The latter is only available in the Scat Pack variant, which is the sportier non-SRT vehicle and has a distinctive wide-body design.

Dodge Charger 2022 Price in Pakistan

The price of a Dodge Charger 2023 in Pakistan is 6,731,400 PKR.

Dodge Charger 2023 Price in USA

The price of a Dodge Charger 2023 in US Dollars is 6,731,400.

Dodge only modifies the Chargers lineup marginally for 2022. A premium security alarm is now included in the Driver Convenience Group package, which should come in handy if someone tries to drive (read: steal) a driver’s prized vehicle. Additionally, the alarm is now a standard feature for Scat Pack models. Dodge charger latest model price in Pakistan.


Our pick includes a dual-mode pulsating exhaust, a leather-wrapped sport steering wheel and 20-inch wheels, plus a standard 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Dodge Charger price in Pakistan 2022. Driver Convenience Group and Performance Handling Group (20-inch wheels with all-season performance tires, Brembo brakes and sport suspension) are also suggested.


With its 370-horsepower 5.7-liter V-8, we think the Charger R/T offers the ideal balance of power and features. Only V-6 models are available for those who prefer all-wheel drive. Although it costs about $5,000 more than the R/T, the larger 485-hp V-8 that comes with the Scat Pack makes acceleration outstanding once again.

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