Mercedes Benz E-Class Price in Pakistan 2023

Mercedes-Benz produces a variety of executive vehicles under the E-Class brand with various engine and body options.


Before 1993, the E in Mercedes-Benz nomenclature was a model-specific suffix that stood for Einspritzmotor  German for fuel injection engine.

Officially referred to as the E-Class or E-Klasse. E-Class models have had either rear-wheel drive or Mercedes’ 4Matic all-wheel drive technology across all of its versions. with more than 13 million units sold by 2015, the E-Class is the Mercedes-best-selling Benz vehicle overall.

With the 2017 release of the E-most Class’s recent iteration, all body types share the same W213 platform for the model year.


The E-Class has filled several market niches thanks to its size and robustness, including those for personal vehicles, special-purpose vehicles such as police or ambulance modifications from the manufacturer, and the regular use of taxis in European nations.

A first for Mercedes-Benz, the W213 E-Class won the 2021 Motor Trend Vehicle of the Year award in November 2020 orders could be made for any one of three suspension configurations.

Air suspension with self-leveling came standard on the rear axle of the Estate model.

Mercedes Benz E-Class Price In Pakistan

The new design language Mercedes at the time utilized for the C-Class, S-Class, and CLS-Class served as inspiration for the 2009 E-Class compared to its predecessors, the design was significantly more angular and aggressive, and Mercedes gave the rear haunch more emphasis.

The CLS-Class and the S-Class, among other current models, served as design inspirations for the exterior. The 2009 E-rising Class’s character line, wheel-arch extensions, door handles, and bigger bumpers were all influenced by the S-Class. Mercedes Benz E-Class Expected Price In Pakistan is PKR 12,400,000.

The 2009 model also featured revised air intakes, a larger grille, and an overall wedge-shaped look. To increase aerodynamic effectiveness, the 2009 E-Class features a drag coefficient of 0.25.

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