Rolls Royce Spectacular SPECTRE Price In Pakistan 2023

Extreme driving circumstances were used for the first-ever EV’s on-road testing, starting in Sweden’s arctic circle with temperatures as low as minus 40°C and in sweltering South African regions with temperatures as high as 55°C.

A Fresh Start

According to RR, this marks the beginning of a new chapter for the brand’s goal of going entirely electric by 2030.

In Spectre, a two-door, four-seat fastback coupe with the largest Rolls Royce production doors ever installed. The car is gigantic, with a wheelbase of 126.4 inches, a length of 214.6 inches, a width of 81.89 inches, and a turning radius of almost 42 feet.


It takes design cues from past Rolls Royce models including the Phantom and is immediately recognizable as a Rolls Royce from the outside. Each of its vanes is backlit and features 22 dazzling LEDs.


The interior is typical of what we can anticipate from Rolls Royce. New additions include the well-known Starlight.

The door panels now have lights similar to the roof headliner we typically see in Rolls Royce vehicles. The creation of this iconic piece took two years and 10,000 hours overall.

Expected Cost

Rolls Royce Spectacular SPECTRE Expected Price in Pakistan is PKR 117899505.00  And all of this is not inexpensive.  Customers will receive the first Spectre device in 2023.

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