Toyota Land Cruiser 2023 Price In Pakistan

Beginning in 1936, the Kurogane Type 95 four-wheel drive reconnaissance car was in use by the Imperial Army.

An American Willys MB Jeep was discovered during the Japanese army’s 1941 invasion of the Philippines, and it was immediately taken to Japan.


The Japanese military instructed Toyota to create a similar vehicle but with a different exterior design. The tiny cargo truck Yon-Shiki Kogata Kamotsu-Sha type 4 was developed from the Model AK prototype.

The 20 Series, the second generation of the Land Cruiser, was released. For export purposes, it was intended to be more palatable to the average person than the BJ.

Also, it had a more fashionable body and a better ride thanks to longer four-plate leaf springs that were modified from Toyota Light Trucks.


In order to maintain the previous model’s off-road capabilities, exterior parameters such as total length, total width, wheelbase, and both the departure and approach angles have been mainly maintained. The 32-degree approach angle from its predecessor is retained.

The 3.9 L, six-cylinder Type F gasoline engine was more potent, producing 99 kW (135 PS; 133 horsepower), but it kept the previous generation’s three-speed transmission.

The engine was moved forward 120 mm (4.7 in), improving the comfort of the inside of the cars. The 20 Series has synchronism on the third and fourth gears but no low-range transfer case.


The J200 Land Cruiser was updated and given a facelift in August 2015 by Toyota, who afterward sold it internationally.

For the 2016 model year, this variation debuted in the US in 2015. A new 8-speed electronically controlled automatic gearbox (ECT-i) coupled to the original 5.7 L 3UR-FE V8 petrol engine, together with other mechanical improvements, make up the updated version.

Greater axle ratio, front disc brakes (3.30:1 vs 3.90:1 in the previous years). The key exterior highlights of the facelift included updates to the front fascia, grille, headlights (with daytime running lamps), rear tail lamps, and bumpers.

A new multimedia system and interface with bigger screens in the front and back, as well as updated interior aesthetics, were among the interior upgrades.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2023 Price In Pakistan

On June 9th, 2021, the J300 series Land Cruiser was launched. Takami Yokoo, Toyota’s top engineer, oversaw its development. Toyota Land Cruiser 2023 Expected Price In Pakistan is PKR 52,650,000 USD 202363.79.

Based on the body-on-frame GA-F platform, the frame’s construction was altered to lighten and stiffen it. Compared to its predecessor, the vehicle’s overall weight was lowered by 200 kg (441 lb).

The decreased center of gravity, weight dispersion, and other improvements and an enhanced suspension system.

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