Toyota Prius Prime Price in Pakistan 2023

Toyota Prius Prime 2023 Price in Pakistan. Prius Prime has a dual-motor drive system, which means both motors are used to propel the vehicle. As a result, you’ll notice a jump in acceleration feel, improved efficiency *, and the ability to use EV Mode at highway speeds.

Toyota Prius Prime 2022 Price in Pakistan

The Price of a Toyota Prius Prime 2022 in Pakistan is 6353705 PKR.

You can link your compatible iPhone® * to Prius Prime’s audio entertainment system using the Apple CarPlay® * compatibility standard. While keeping your focus on the road, ask Siri®* to play your favorite song, send messages, get directions, and more. At the time of publication, the screen rendering was correct. Toyota Prius Prime’s latest model Price in Pakistan.


In EV mode, Prius Prime has an EPA-estimated range of 25 miles and runs without using fuel. Charge it whenever you get the chance or not. When the battery runs out, Prius Prime will continue to operate as a fuel-efficient hybrid, achieving an EPA-estimated combined mileage of 54 miles per gallon.

Mileage Estimates

Prius Prime was meant to be safe, thanks to its robust chassis. Prius Prime features a comfortable ride that’s ready to take every turn, thanks to increased torsional rigidity through laser screw welding, high-tensile-strength steel, and precision-formed frame structures. Toyota Prius Prime Price in Pakistan 2022.

Toyota Prius Prime Exterior

Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist (LDA w/SA)* detects visible white/yellow lane markings or the edge of the road at speeds above 32 mph and issues an audio/visual alert if a lane departure is detected involuntarily. The steering assist feature is designed to provide smooth corrective steering if the driver fails to take corrective action. Toyota Prius Prime Price in Pakistan 2023.

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